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Optimizing for cost and care with Medical Rebates


Leading the Way in Medical Rebates

Annually through our SelectMed+ Rebate program, Synergie engages in a bidding process with pharmaceutical manufacturers. This is to secure discounts (often called “rebates”) for our participating health plans. Based on Synergie's bid, Synergie determines which medical benefit medications it will recommend to its plans as "preferred." These recommendations are reflected in our SelectMed+ Medical Drug List*.  Synergie Medical Rebates are available through participating health plans that have adopted these products as part of their medical offerings.

Synergie’s SelectMed+ Medical Drug List

Synergie maintains industry-leading compliance rates with our preferred medical product recommendations.


Click here to download our SelectMed+ Medical Drug List*


*Synergie’s SelectMed+ Medical Drug List is based on recommendations made solely by Synergie to its participating plans. Product coverage and medical policy guideline decisions are made independently by participating health plans in their sole discretion.


Industry leading


Industry leading
compliance rates


product portfolio

The Synergie Difference

Synergie embraces a low net cost approach. This approach not only considers rebates, but other relevant aspects that impact overall medication affordability and access. Synergie is a fully transparent and pass-through organization, meaning our sole focus is on making determinations that are in the best interest of our participating health plans and passing through 100% of the value. Synergie also prides itself on our strong relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, which we believe must be “win-win” to deliver the most effective affordability and access solutions.

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