Cell & Gene+

Revolutionizing affordability and access to cell & gene therapies


Cell & gene therapies are at the forefront of medical advancement.

These therapies stand apart from traditional drug treatments due to their complex administration methods and high costs (reaching up to $3.5 million per therapy). These therapies present special challenges that must be resolved to make them readily accessible and affordable for patients who need them. The time to act is now.


On average per therapy

40% cost

Over the next three years

There are over 3,689 of these therapies in development*, and cell & gene costs are projected to increase at a rate of up to 40% over the next three years.**

Synergie’s Cell & Gene+ was created to solve these complex challenges.

*American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Website
**MagellanRx Management 2023 Trend Report

Cell & Gene+ Product Portfolio

Synergie has developed a market-leading integrated solutions portfolio for cell & gene therapies that includes the following products:


Gene+ Risk

Alleviates the volatility and financial burden for plan sponsors associated with multimillion dollar upfront payments for gene therapies, at the most competitive rates and best protection.


Cell & Gene+ Patient Navigation

Assists patients in identifying and accessing top-quality treatment centers across the United States to ensure access to these therapies at an affordable price.



Value-based contracts that require the pharmaceutical manufacturers of gene therapies to provide value if the drug does not achieve defined clinical outcomes over a defined time-period.

Like with rebates, Synergie maintains a preferred drug list for gene therapies tied to its value based contracts. Click here to download our SelectMed+ Medical Drug List* and view the Cell & Gene therapy section.

*Synergie’s SelectMed+ Medical Drug List is based on recommendations made solely by Synergie to its participating plans. Product coverage and medical policy guideline decisions are made independently by participating health plans in their sole discretion.

The Synergie Difference

Synergie’s solutions are anchored by the largest data and risk pools in the United States. Synergie is a fully transparent and pass-through organization, meaning its sole focus is on making determinations that are in the best interest of its participating health plans and passing through 100% of the value. In addition, we have partnered with top domain experts to ensure our solutions are best-in-class. Synergie is considered a leader in cell & gene management with our unique model.

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